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 About us:

 Hi, my name is Richard , together with my wife Dawn, we’ve have been living and working in Bracknell for over 30 years. Our Children were      born  at nearby Heatherwood hospital and went to local schools in the area. Together we have over 20 years experience in property and have been investing personally in the local Bracknell area. We have many years experience buying and selling houses and flats, refurbishing, renting & managing. Rest assured we know the local area very well, we are experienced in property and we will do our utmost to help you resolve your particular property problem. We are part of the SMHQ Network The largest Sell My House Fast network in the UK.


How we can help you: 


Our aim is to first listen to and understand your particular issue and then work with you to find a solution that you are happy to move forward with. We will aim to give you one possibly two offers for you to consider.

Using our services is much quicker than taking the traditional estate agent route to selling your house. Do you know that at least 1 in 3 sales that are originally agreed actually fall through due to a number of reasons including mortgage issues, chain breakdown or simply change of mind?  Some experts think that the percentage of aborted sales could be as high as 50% due to the economic downturn and the fallout from the Corona virus. So once you’ve received an offer if you are fortunate enough  to avoid the above It can still take on average 4-6 months to complete on a property sale. In some cases from first putting the property on the market to actually completing can take as long as a year.


So what is the process if you want to Sell your House Fast?


It’s really easy, Simply fill out either of our two forms:

The first one is at the bottom of this page and provides us with your your name, number and email address, which allows us to call you and discuss your situation

The second for is a more Detailed Form, if you fill this out, we can start doing some research on your property immediately!

So give us a call,  we offer a fast friendly efficient service, there is no charge to use our service,  we offer free legals and we operate under a strict Code of Ethics which we adhere to.


Sell My House Fast Bracknell

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